HELM is a general civil-engineering consulting firm built on the philosophy of Holistic Management with an outlook towards the world as a comprehensive interconnected system comprised of water, land and sun. Our approach to engineering is to fully embrace nature and naturally occurring processes as they relate to water, land and sun. As a reflection of this basic notion, our engineering services are categorized under these three fundamental elements of nature. Our mission is to actively explore the interconnections that occur in nature and to develop practical solutions that yield multidisciplinary value-added benefits to our clients.

About Us

We are a group of highly-experienced engineers who take pride in our ability to achieve innovative practical solutions addressing full range of our client’s needs in a cost-effective manner. We are part of a creative minority who can recognize unforeseen challenges, skilled in developing new insights, and offer innovative approaches compared to the current conventional engineering practices. Our path to success stems from our vast experiences, our sophisticated technological capabilities and our Project Management Style that is inspired by our desire to build and maintain long-lasting working relationships.

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