Alluvial Fan Analysis

Stormwater runoff in an alluvial fan results in a complex flow pattern that is inherent with uncertainties associated with sedimentation. Topographic variations that occur in a typical alluvial fan combined with sediment laden flow results in flowpath uncertainties that are difficult to predict. One of our specialized services is an alluvial fan analysis which is centered around tackling uncertainties through consideration of a range of scenarios that could occur in an alluvial fan. Flow-path redirections that can be caused by avulsions are modeled in a two-dimensional setup where flows are redirected within the active alluvial fan zones. A multitude of scenarios are considered and the modeling results from these scenarios are combined to produce a worst-case scenario from a flooding point of view. This represents a highly detailed approach to handle the inherent uncertainties in the alluvial fans. We leverage our sophisticated modeling techniques in conjunction with our GIS automation capabilities to perform these detailed investigations in a cost-effective manner.