Project: Beaver Dam Wash Erosion Control Improvements

Client Name: Mohave County Flood Control District

Key Personnel: Ricardo Aguirre – Project Manager

Project Description: Designed erosion control improvements along the segment of Beaver Dam Wash located between the US 91 Bridge and the Beaver Dam Wash / Virgin River confluence. The project was grant funded from the Governor’s Emergency Fund and was awarded to 1) repair erosion damage caused by a large storm event during December 2010, and 2) construct erosion control infrastructure to protect existing homes in that area from future flood events. This was a design/build project that provided limited erosion protection from a sub-100-year design flow of approximately 10,500 cfs by refining and constructing three (3) design concept level improvements. This project area included outstanding scientific and scenic values, which gave rise to both public interest and special management designations. Three (3) designs were required for the project as follows:1) design improvements to clear and grub a pre-determined alignment defined in the DCR necessary for excavating a 3500 foot long low flow channel starting upstream at the US 91 Bridge; 2) design improvements for an erosion protection facility of approximately 1200 feet along the Beaver Dam Resort community to prevent continued lateral migration of the bank, which threatened existing homes located in the 100 year floodplain; and 3) design improvements for an erosion protection facility of approximately 165 feet along the Beaver Dam Estates to provide protection between the US 91 Bridge and an existing wire revetment constructed by the NRCS.