Chandler Heights Flood Control Improvements

Project: Chandler Heights Flood Control Improvements

Client Name: Gila River Indian Community

Key Personnel: Ricardo Aguirre – Project Manager

Project Description: Chandler Heights Flood Control Improvements were designed and built to protect seventeen (17) one acre parcels and other downstream urban development against stormwater runoff emanating from the San Tan Mountains. The project site is located just south of the parcels which are south of Hunt Highway and west of Power Road. After the adverse flooding impacts during the 2014 monsoon season, the Gila River Indian Community (Community) recognized that the pre-existing un-maintained farm dike was a liability giving a false sense of protection to the down stream homeowners. HELM provided construction documents for a 3,250-footchannel levee system and a 25 acre-feet offline detention basin. These improvements were designed to attenuate the 100-year design flow event, maintain a balanced sediment transport regime to minimize the need for maintenance, and use cost effective Geoweb technology for erosion control protection. The project also featured value engineering, mass balance of the site, stormwater pollution protection and a native plant survey.