flood hazard mitigation

HELM provides engineering services to reduce the risk of flooding to people and property. We offer a flexible, multi-purpose approach to flood control design, in which we strive to bundle the benefits of flood hazard mitigation, water quality, and water conservation. Our strong, extensive project experience encompasses all major aspects of flood control and hazard mitigation, such as: drainage area master studies, alternatives evaluation and design concepts, design and construction of regional facilities, FEMA floodplain delineations, sediment transport analyses, and flood response plans. We also provide a suite of Floodplain Management services.

Drainage Master Studies/Planning

HELM engineers have a long history in the development of large-scale drainage master studies and plans that define and quantify the extent and magnitude of flood hazards and risks. These studies are aimed at providing documentation of potential flooding impacts for existing conditions and future developments to local, county, state, and Federal agencies. Information provided by these studies is used to identify high-risk flood prone areas requiring flood mitigation as well as to guide future development.

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Flood Warning and Emergency Action Planning

The ability to detect and evaluate an impending flooding threat can be extremely valuable in providing a time response that can save lives and prevent property damage. HELM engineers have the expertise to develop a detailed assessment of flood threats, design an array of flood warning measures and develop a comprehensive Flood Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for local agencies.

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Dam Safety

Dams and other water reservoirs form a key component of the hydrologic cycle, providing water for agriculture, power generation, human consumption, industrial use, etc. Dams may also act as a flood control measure by providing a barrier that impounds water. Aging dams have raised enhanced awareness of dam safety and many agencies have regulations in place to preserve dam safety. HELM engineers have significant expertise in analyses of dam failure scenarios and developing dam failure inundation maps.

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Drainage Assessments

Drainage assessments provide information about local hydrology and hydraulics that can be used to evaluate drainage conditions under existing or future conditions. We can develop drainage assessments in a cost-effective way to identify and evaluate drainage related complexities that may exist at any location.

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