Land Development

HELM is well versed in land development and understands the developer’s needs. HELM understands that its primary role is to assist developers during the site assessment process and to provide engineering solutions for the desired development. Site assessments are one of the keys to a successful land development project. A piece of raw land can give different impressions to different people. While every property is unique in some way, HELM can help developers be successful by finding the highest and best use of the land. Whether the developer prefers to be personally involved in assessing a site or rely on a professional, HELM can provide the type of value necessary to achieve a successful development. HELM can facilitate the assessment of various conditions, such as, soil, drainage, hazardous materials, environmental and cultural, accessibility, and utilities. HELM’s engineering evaluations are thorough, easy to understand and written to prepare the developer to make the most informed decision on their investment. HELM’s engineering solutions include conventional land development design, but to hold true to its values, HELM identifies and encourages sustainable low impact development and green infrastructure strategies that will help the developer promote their project in a marketplace that has an increasing interest in environmentally friendly development.

HELM has expertise in the complete range of services to provide conventional civil site engineering. Large and small site grading and drainage design by HELM and earthwork analysis is optimized to reduce development impacts and costs. LID options are applied in combination with conventional site development techniques to minimize the overall cost and impact of the development. All site development paving, grading and hardscape planning is fully compliant with all ADA requirements. This also includes residential, commercial and collector roadway design, round about design, signing and striping plans.