Our Project Management Style

Holistic Engineering and Land Management embodies the philosophy that differentiates HELM from the broader civil engineering community; this gives our company a fresh perspective that we combine with expertise you and your company can trust. We believe that the design of land connected projects need to recognize and embrace all natural influences.

HELM is a fully responsive consulting from that will give hands on attention to holistically address all of your needs. HELM is a leader in Holistic Engineering, setting a new standard for the fields of Engineering and Consulting. We pride ourselves on our vast experience in managing general civil engineering projects with quick responses to evolving project needs. HELM sports a highly qualifed team of experienced professionals who have successfully worked together for many years. The quality of service that HELM delivers to our clients is achieved through our emphasis on maintaining a level of consistent focus and action at every stage of our projects. This begins and ends with advanced, effective communication during the entire project. Our commitment to identifying and developing project solutions and acting on the client’s behalf will allow work to be delivered in a timely manner. In order for us to understand and meet your expectations, we focus on facilitating open communication regarding concept development, feasibility, and throughout the planning phase. While communicating, we strive to make our clients aware of their options at the beginning, so you can make fully informed decisions. We will investigate and develop options to support project feasibility through cost versus beneft analysis by balancing facility benefits, aesthetics, environmental impacts, construction cost, operating costs, and maintenance costs. Client involvement is a key part of the main decision-making process as your project is developed.

In general, our project management approach can be broken down into five key elements; Understand, Communicate, Plan & Execute, Check and Provide Value. These key elements are central to our work culture that ensures both work quality and cost control. These five elements of management can be applied on all aspects of projects regardless of size or complexity. Additionally, we can adapt any phase of a project, which enables our team to perform efficiently, consistently, and within the prescribed budgetary requirements. As project parameters change, the affected phase of our methodology can be easily modified, keeping the project on track, and avoiding overruns or unexpected cost changes.