Midvale Park Invasive Plant Management

Project: Midvale Park Invasive Plant Management

Client Name: Pima County Regional Flood Control District (PCRFCD) and Southwest Vegetation Management Association (SWVMA)

Key Personnel: Kieran Sikdar, Green Infrastructure Specialist

Project Description: Watershed Management Group (WMG) and Holistic Engineering and Land Management (HELM) received a grant from the Southwest Vegetation Management Association (SWVMA) with match from the Pima County Regional Flood Control District (PCRFCD) to develop and initiate a Holistic Management (HM) Plan to address invasive or pest plants by grazing animals at the Midvale Park site in Tucson, Arizona. Construction, planting and seeding of the Midvale site was completed in July 2017. In the Spring of 2018, a HM plan was developed based upon a site assessment of vegetation and soil, as well as knowledge of precipitation data from a PCRFCD ALERT Gauge at Valencia and the Santa Cruz River, located approximately 0.3 miles from the site. Based on the density of undesired plants, a paddock size of 20’ x 20’ was set for 15-20 animals to intensively graze a paddock for 1-3 hours. Urban Grazers, a local contract grazer focused on sustainable grazing and holistic land management, brought a herd of 15 goats onto PCRFCD property for 3 days in mid-October 2018 to test the effectiveness of HM practices on Buffelgrass, Johnsongrass and Russian Thistle. Additional funding from PCRFCD allowed for an additional 3-day test run of the animals that also coincided with the Santa Cruz River Research Days conference tour in November 2018. The tour attracted approximately 20 professionals and community members. PCRFCD has agreed that previously funding allocated for Midvale maintenance can be used to allow Urban Grazers to return for approximately 8 days to the site as needed. It is desired to expand this effort to other PCRFCD district sites needing vegetation management.