Nolie Templeton, PhD

Nolie Templeton has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from University of California, San Diego, and a Master’s and Ph.D. Degree in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering from Arizona State University. Her professional motivation is to have an impact on water resources sustainability through technically sound engineering analysis and design.

Prior to working at HELM Consultants, Dr. Templeton led interdisciplinary hydrometeorological studies of water, energy, and carbon fluxes in Phoenix, AZ and a southern Arizona rangeland as part of her graduate studies. Dr. Templeton deployed a dense environmental sensor network to measure hydrometeorological variables in a southwestern Arizona rangeland, which is impacted by woody plant encroachment of velvet mesquite. She used the observations to build, calibrate, and validate fully distributed hydrological models of two watersheds to explore the impact of mesquite encroachment on ecohydrological dynamics, particularly runoff and evapotranspiration. Dr. Templeton also studied the hydrometeorological dynamics over several urban land cover types common to Phoenix, AZ. Results have been presented at international conferences and published in peer reviewed journals.

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