Oatman Highway at Sacramento Wash Crossing

Project: Oatman Highway at Sacramento Wash Crossing

Client Name: Mohave County Public Works Department

Project Description: Mohave County is the owner/administrator of the 100 foot public right-of-way section of Oatman Highway that intersects with Sacramento Wash near Topock, Arizona. The public right-of-way at this location consists of a low water crossing to accommodate stream flows from the Sacramento Wash, which drains a watershed area consisting of approximately 1,330 square miles before outfalling into the Colorado River. As typical with large watersheds in the desert southwest, storm events generating measurable runoff within this watershed cause significant sediment to be transported and deposited at the watershed outfall, which includes the wash’s intersection with Oatman Highway. HELM assisted in conducting an engineering study and preparing a technical memorandum, which included a preliminary design and opinion of costs of two design alternatives that would be constructed within or beyond the 100-foot right-of-way. In addition, HELM also assisted in evaluating land management opportunities upstream of the Oatman Highway crossing in an attempt to reduce sediment load.