Sedimentation Engineering

One of the key issues related to stormwater run off is the associated sedimentation. Sedimentation can significantly degrade the the performance of flood mitigation measures. HELM provides a wealth of expertise in the field of sedimentation engineering expertise that includes BMPs for erosion control to complex sediment transport modeling.

Sediment Transport Analysis

Sediment Transport Analysis can be used to provide qualitative and quantitative evaluations of potential sedimentation. We have sophisticated sediment transport modeling capabilities that include 1-D HEC-6, HEC-6T and HEC-RAS modeling as well as 2-D sediment modeling.

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Scour & Sediment Yield Estimation

Structures such as levees, grade control, bank protection and bridges are subject to potential erosion while storm runoff corridors such as channels and detention basins are subject to potential sediment deposition. Scour Estimation and Sediment Yield provide key design parameters for these structures to account for potential scour and deposition. We have experience and expertise to perform a variety of calculations to develop scour and sediment yield estimates.

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Fluvial Geomorphology

Fluvial geomorphology is an area of science that considers a river in its natural state in relation to its geology and morphological changes that occur to its shape and form. We can perform a variety of analyses such as regime theory calculations to investigate and understand the natural long-term tendencies of a river system. A better understanding from such analyses can provide valuable insight into developing engineering solutions that work in sync with natural phenomena avoiding unintended side-effects.

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Alluvial Fan Analysis

Stormwater runoff in an alluvial fan results in a complex flow pattern with inherent uncertainties caused by sedimentation. Topographic variations that occur in a typical alluvial fan combined with sediment-laden flow results in flowpath uncertainties that are difficult to predict. We leverage our sophisticated modeling expertise in conjunction with our GIS automation capabilities to perform these complex investigations in a cost-effective manner.

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