East Shea Corridor ADMS

Project: East Shea Corridor ADMS

Client Name:Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC)

Key Personnel: Brian Schalk – Project Manager, Nathan Logan and Nolie Templeton - Project Engineers

Project Description:In general, the East Shea ADMS study area is bounded on the west by the Middle Indian Bend Wash ADMS study area, to the south by portions of Lower Indian Bend Wash ADMS study area and the Salt River Pima Indian Community (SRPMIC) east of SR101, the McDowell Mountains to the northeast, and portions of the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal to the north. The Project is a re-study of the eastern portions of the 1978 Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Phoenix (PVSP) Study which covered an overall area of 64 square miles. The purpose of the Project is to identify flooding problems in the study area due to the changes in the area, using updated detailed 2-foot contour mapping and a more technically sound approach to hazard identification. The Project will identify and characterize existing drainage, flooding sources and flooding hazards within the study area. This includes three primary work efforts: data collection, hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) analyses with FLO-2D (2D) models, and a flood hazard assessment that will identify flood hazards and drainage problems and evaluate the associated socioeconomic and financial impacts of those damages. Other supporting tasks include, supplemental field survey (as needed), public outreach and stakeholder coordination. There is potential for the conceptual design (15% plan development) and evaluation of flood mitigation alternatives within the study area as part of an Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP).