Project: Upper East Fork Cave Creek (UEFCC) Area Drainage Master Study Update (ADMSU)

Client Name: Flood Control District of Maricopa County

Key Personnel: Brian Schalk – Project Manager; Hari Raghavan – Project Engineer/Technical Lead; Ed Kern – FLO-2D Modeling

Project Description: The purpose of the UEFCC ADMSU was to identify existing flood/drainage problems and feasible mitigation options using a regional FLO-2D model that accurately represented existing conditions and simulated alternative scenarios that included various mitigation strategies such as Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure practices. The 27-square-mile study area was located in the densely developed area of north Phoenix. The highly complex, regional FLO-2D modeling reflected urbanized study area characteristics such as: several regional channels and detention basins; flow diverting property walls and building footprints; several large storm drain networks (trunk lines, laterals, manholes, inlets, etc.); hundreds of hydraulically significant culverts; roadway conveyance, including significant 1-dimensional flow via numerous inverted crown streets; and sediment-laden flow from mountain preserves. FLO-2D modeling of the 27-square-mile study area was performed using a grid comprised of elements measuring 20’x20’, totaling nearly 1.9 million grid elements.

Project Outcome and Benefits: FLO-2D modeling provided the client detailed H&H characteristics such as flow rate, depth, and velocity every 20 feet across the entire study area. Modeling results can be used for inundation mapping, hazard and risk assessment, and development of flood mitigation alternatives.